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Kawasaki ZZR 1100 & Kawasaki ZX14R "RIDING A LEGENDS"

Kawasaki ZZR 1100 Riding a Legend is a place where fans of the Kawasaki ZZR can see how one particular bike was saved from becoming a unusable relic or worse a horribly modified disaster. It shows how the ZZR is one of the greatest bikes ever made and allows the rider to push the limits without electronic aids and, together with other bikes of the 70's,80's, 90 and early 2000's relied on the right hand and head to keep them upright. As the number of ZZR's decreases, I have noticed that all the owners websites are growing increasingly quiet. I hope that you owners will share your experiences as well. It was joined in my garage by the mighty Kawasaki ZX14R (Known as the ZZR 1400 in Europe. These two bikes stand as testament to Kawasaki's philosophy of building rocket ships that are known as "The fastest bikes in the world"

ZZR riders dont die, we just reach light speed!

ZX & ZZR.jpg

Filipino Big Bike Riders


ZZR Road tests, reviews, full spec Information and more photo's on the Forum and Blog pages!

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