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Riding in the Philippines

Well, it is interesting. Lets just say you have to expected the unexpected. Vehicles will pull out in front of you, rarely indicate, deliberately drive at you, very few people obey traffic rules, drink drivers are common, traffic rules can vary from area to area, the driving test is driving around a small area about the size of a third of a football pitch. Vehicles are often poorly maintained and bald tyres are common (there is no MOT type test) and the road surface can range from excellent to appaling in the blink of an eye. Sounds fun eh? On the plus side, it is warm even when its raining(often too warm). The heat can be an issue 45 degrees in the sun plus the heat from the engine when at a stop can make for lossing a couple of kg on a ride. They often lay sheet steel on damaged bits of road that can make for very exciting times when riding over them when it is raining. Lots of sideways action Ha! Ha! If you do have an off you had better hope that it is outside the hospital because the ambulance can take hours to reach you ( Manila was recently names the worst place in the world to drive because of traffic ) Road works are often not indicated and very difficult to see in advance. The road lanes are often segregated by solid concrete blocks without any warning and road signs are at best uncommon, often wrong and indeed not even there. Getting lost is super easy. On the plus side there are a handful of cameras in the country, no traffic police. A bit like the UK in the 70's before big brother started watching you. So when GPS located on your modern bikes report any breaking of speed limits in the UK (about 5 years from now I believe) the Philippines will still be in the 80"s

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