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The coolant hoses arrive!

The hoses arrived and I wasted no time in replacing them all. I then carefully started the bike to assess if any damage had occured during the overheating. It ran ok! Joy oh Joy!!

My joy was short lived. It was smoking, alot, not just when running but a great deal when starting from cold, great clouds of smoke! Mmm I thought, not good! The smoke on starting was probably the valve stem seals causing the oil to pool in the cylinders, the smoke on running looked like it may have been the piston rings. Better find a mechanic!

I was given the name of a mechanic who did many of the big bikes in the area. He looked at it and agreed with me but he was also concerned that there may have been head damage or damage to the bores!! Shit I thought.

So I orderd a full set of valve stem seals and also a full set of piston rings. I had also noticed that the brakes were not as good as they should be so I ordered all new seals for the front and back calipers and new pads alround. Then I sat and waited for the parts to arrive.

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