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Time to say why I think Kawasaki are a special Brand

So why go to such lengths to maintain a 25 year old bike? Well, I have ridden a wide range of bikes both old and new. My personal list of owned bikes is:

KTM Comet Grand Prix

Suzuki GT250

Suzuki GT750 x2

Honda CBX 1000

Kawasaki GPX750

Kawasaki ZX10

Kawasaki ZX6R

ZZR 1100 x2

Other I have ridden for extended periods of time but not owned include:

Honda Super Dream 250 (more like a wet dream)

Kawasaki GT750

Kawasaki GPZ900R

I have always kept my bikes for long periods of time and have always ridden in all weather and all year round. I have never really understood why someone rides only at weekends or once a month. That has resulted in all the bikes putting on big mileage and before I came to Asia I lived in Germany for many years and used to regularly ride across Europe in January at below freezing temps. To me it was all part of the lifestyle.

I fell in love with Kawasaki's after seeing a Z1 900 outside a cafe in 1973 with a big crowd around it. Kawasaki have alway been able to make bikes that satified what they wanted as the motorcycle division is only a small part of the Kawasaki empire. So there bikes have always been a little different and right at the top of the performance league. Think H1,H2,Z1,750 Turbo,ZX10,Gpz 1100 and ZZR1100 to name but a few.

The way that they paid great attention to the riders senses, with an induction roar that makes the hairs on the back of you neck stand up and you get the idea. And they always seem to be able to make their engines a little faster than the competition.

Me at the Kawasaki Museam Kobi Japan

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