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What I have purchased for this bike.

The following is a list of the parts I have purchased for this bike over the last couple of years. I will explain some of these things in later posts.

1x Front tyre

1xRear tyre

1x set progressive fork springs

1x New rear shock

5 sets of spark plugs

6x oil filters

24 liters of oil

1xair filter

1x Custom air filter

1x air box lower

1xst of fork oil seal

3x caliper oil seal sets

1 x set of fork dust seal

8x front brake pads

4x rear brake pads

1x fuel pump

1x fuel filter

All coolant hoses replaced

All fuel pipes replaced

1x Cush Drive

1x Drive chain

1x Front sprocket

1x Rear sprocket

1x upper fairing

1 x l/h side panel

1x r/h side panel

1x Rear r/h panel

1x Rear l/h panel

1x headlight

1x spare forks

1xspare front wheel

1x set of front discs

100x fasteners

4x Carb Diaphram

1x Carb float

1x set of valve shims

4 x valves

2x cylinder head gasket

2x Main barrels gaskets

8x piston rings

1x ignition coil

1x alternator rewound

1x regulator

1x l/h handle bar controls

1xr/h handle bar controls

32 x valve stem seals

1x Scot oiler system

Paint for bodywork

Paint for wheels

Repairs to spare plastics

4x Carb Rubbers

2x set of horns

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