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ZZR History Thanks to "The Kawasaki ZX-11 / ZX-12R Ninja Repository"

History of the ZZ-R/ZX C- and D-models

In 1990 Kawasaki introduced the ZZ-R 1100 / ZX-11 Ninja. It shook the world. A bike that fast, that powerful! Who could control that kind of power? Well, as it turned out: a lot of us could and still can. Although not meant for a beginner the bike is kind of a gentle giant: the power can be used to drive effortless through town and country, but if you want you can go fast too. Very fast! The first three years the bike didn't change much. But in 1993 a completely renewed ZZ-R hit the streets. From 1993 onward the bike changed mainly it's colors. Until 2002. At last the long expected follow up for the 1100: the ZZ-R 1200. Although frame and suspesion looks like that of the ZZ-R 1100 Kawasaki has done a lot to improve the design of the ZZ-R 1100.

The mystery of the G-model

In October 2003 a member of the committee of the Dutch Kawasaki Club came to me and asked if I've ever heard of the G-model of the ZZ-R 1100. He had found this model in the Kawasaki Model Recognition Manual: I had never heard of this model and wanted to know exactly in what way it differed from the D-model. A search on the Internet didin't bring much. A German site (Klasmo Bikes) listed it between the well known models: ZZR 1100; Typ ZXT10C; Bj. -92 ZZR 1100 (D1-2); Typ ZXT10D; Bj. 93-94 ZZR 1100 (D3-5); Typ ZXT10D; Bj. 95-96 ZZR 1100; Typ ZX1100G; Bj. 97- I emailed the owner of Klasmo and asked if he knew more of the G-model. He wrote back that he could send me the microfiche of the G. I mailed back that he would make me a happy man if he would do so. A few days later I was owner of the microfiche. As you know a microfiche isn't readable by the naked eye, so I had to arrange a viewer. A request for such a thing on the forum of the Kawasaki Club very quick produced an answer. There was a member who had a viewer at his disposal. So I sent the microfiche to him. But alas, he wasn't able to make print outs of the fiche. In the mean time I got a mail from Aaron in Denmark stating that it must be a Danish model because of the 'DE' indication in the OM number. On the other hand Lee wrote that it must be a German model with catalytic converter. Found this somewhere on the Net: specifications. Since it's written in German, the bike must have been sold there. Bus I still can't find anything special about it.

ZX-10 The Predecessor

1990 C1

1991 C2

1992 C3

1993 D1

1994 D2

1995 D3

1996 D4

1997 D5

1998 D6

1999 D7

2001 D8

2002 ZZ-R 1200 C1

The Kawasaki ZX-11 / ZX-12R Ninja Repository

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