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Tyre Fiasco!

I have been waiting 4 weeks for Bridgestone to supply a set of tyres but still nothing. In the end I cancelled the order and Have fitted a set of Pirelli Angel GT's. These are the same as I had fitted before. I found them to be OK but they became very skittish over white lines etc at about half ware. I also had 2 punctures in 10 days. Oh well, whilst the bike has been off the road I have taken the opportunity to have the wheels resprayed. Pictures soon. So after several weeks with the bike sat waiting for tyres I was looking forward to riding alot this weekend but a severe bout of flue has put paid to that. Looks like it will be Monday when I ride to work.

I made a right mess of refitting the front wheel. I could not get the shaft to locate. I took it apart several times wondering why I could not tighten the front wheel only to realise that I had not lifted the wheel enough and the shoulder of the shaft was catching.

I felt such an idiot and my only excuse was I was feeling like shit and it was late at night. Ha! Ha!

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