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Noticed a small leak a while ago!

I had noticed a couple of spots of oil when ever I parked the bike up for the last few months. It started to get to be a few more spots recently. I thought it was from the oil pipes running under the engine but it is coming from the Balance shaft seal.

Found it at last!

I have ordered the parts from Cradley Kawasaki. I normally order most of my spares from Cornwall Kawasaki but their website was not functioning.

I took the opportunity to order one or two other things. I need new Caliper shafts (that the brake pads move along) because they had not been greased before I purchased the bike and they had worn and cause the pads to click when the brake is applied

I also seem to have lost the rear caliper dust cover so ordered one of those. The has always been a slight misting of oil around the gear change lever so I have ordered a new seal for that. I hope they are here in no more than 10 days.

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