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At last the rain takes a break!

So, at last, the rain has ceased (well, almost) So last Saturday I rode to Mr Mechanic to fix a little issue. In the last weeks while the monsoon was going strong I have been starting the bike every 3 days and letting it get up to normal operating temp. The issue I was having was that when starting it would run on 3 cylinders for a couple of minutes and then run on 4. In all other aspects it was running perfectly. Being a stickler for things "being right" off I went to the mechanic. Bear in mind that just about everything in the carbs and indeed the carbs themselves have recently been replaced, the fuel system and electrics likewise replaced or checked it presented a problem as to what was the issue. So the carbs were stripped and cleaned, electrics checked and HT leads taken apart and fettled. Now we could not check if the issue had been resolved as the problem only happened when the engine was cold.

Again, taking advantage of the break in the weather I have put about 100km on the Zed in the past 3 days and I am happy to report that the starting issue has been resolved. Maybe it was a bit of dirt blocking the choke.

It has been great riding again, I was getting withdrawal symptoms( I joke not!)

So today whilst on the Skyway I chased a well driven new Audi TT and when I was rolling off the throttle I glanced down at the speedo to see the needle going down past 210kph. She is running perfectly. Lets hope the break in the weather continues!

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