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300km Commuting and running like a dream

Since I had the starting issue sorted I have done approx 300km commuting to work each day. Bike is running really well. The commute is a mixture of stationary traffic (dam hot on the right leg once the cooling fan starts up) and blasts up to 200kph and all in between. Takes it all in its stride. Still not convinced by the tyres. (Pirelli Angel GT's) These are the second set I have had and I still find that it gets a bit "twitchy" when leaning around a bend and running across white lines. I know lots of people rate them but as always with tyres it comes down to individual taste. I really wanted Bridgestone's this time but there were none in the Philippines and as stated in a previous blog I waited and waited and they still did not arrive. Sunday I will ride out to Tagaytay and give the bike a good run out. Lots of high speed bends and an expressway to thrash along!! Ha! Cant wait.

Pictures of the days ride to follow.

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