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An interesting day riding!

A ride out to Tagaytay Volcano was very eventful.

Firstly, I ran out of petrol a few hundred yards from a petrol station. I know, stupid thing to do but hey, pushing a ZZR in 32degree heat is good for the cardio ( I nearly collapsed Ha! Ha!)

Anyway, after filling up and checking the tyre pressures it was off to Tagaytay. Great weather, and an expressway without too much traffic equals fast pace. Great fun.

Anyway, get to the Petron station at Tagaytay and met with my friend Angel and his carbon C model ZZR. Plenty of bikes out today.

Father and son both on Kawasaki's. Father purchased the Ninja 400 and then Gave it to his son and got himself a Ninja 650. Now that is a great father.

As well as the two Kawasaki's there was a nice Triumph owned by Wilson. He also owns a ZRX1100. Difficult decision he has, deciding which to ride

Wilson and Angel

The two ZZR's

After the Petrol station Angel and I moved to our favourite Bakery for a coke and Tuna role. On the way mixing it up with the sports bike group and raising a few eyebrows about the speed and handling of the ZZR :-)

Whilst there we noticed the Carbon ZZR was sitting a little strange on its rear tyre. On checking we found this!

Dam!!! So of we went to a nearby tyre shop! The ZZR being fixed

And this is what we found. The biggest screw I have ever seen embedded in a tyre!

All in all, an interesting day. Great rides with a few unusual incidents!

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