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A squeaking CB1300 and a Aprilia that had not been used for 3 years.

A trip to a friend of mine who repairs bikes produced a couple of interesting bikes.

The fist was an immaculate Aprilia that had not been used for 3 years. The owner brought the bike to the shop for routine maintenance before starting it. After the mechanic did the normal checks they tried starting it. No joy, head scratching was followed by a time consuming check to find the cause. As always with an Aprilia particular attention was paid to the numerous electrical connections for the endless sensors, which thoise lovers of Italian hardware will know can be a source of problem. Finally a dirty sensor was identified and we all stood there as it was turned over and eventually it roared into life. I must say, the bike was in showroom condition and as it was about 10 years old was a credit to its owner.

The Honda CB1300 was there for a more perplexing reason. Again this bike looked straight out of the showroom. It was a 2005 model with very low mileage. The owner reported that there was sometimes a squeak from the engine. It did not matter what the engine speed was, the sound was consistent. The problem was that it was not always present. You will all know how annoying an intermittent problem is and this time was no different. The owner had anticipated this so he had recorded the sound on his mobile. Sure enough, it was a really persistent squeak. Frustrating. However on this day he could not get it to happen for the mechanic no matter how much he tried.

Apparently, the noise came back after he left the shop. If I hear what caused it I will update the post.

Another bike in the shop was a nice Fireblade that the mechanic Caloy had just purchased.

Now, Caloy is an ex racer, so now he has wheels again we hope to go for a ride over a weekend so it should be fun.

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