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Only in the Philippines! Ingenuity at its best.

Who needs a motorcycle engine? Well not the owner of this bike it would seem. Whilst out and around I came across this unusual sight. A motorcycle powered by a small water pump (NITTOO POWER Engine Water Pump 2 x 2 Gasoline Engine Pump 6.5 HP Engine Pump 2")

The metal shield on the side is to deflect the heat. It is strange when it pulls away because it runs like a pump(as you would expect). I was told that some people fit them because of a loophole in the law which means that it is not classed as a motorcycle and is therefore exempt much of, if not all the paperwork and regulations that apply to regular motorcycles.

You can see that there are no instruments or lights. The petrol tank appeared to be handmade from some sort of plaster. The rest of it appears to be bits and pieces from a variety of different machines.

Oh well, life here is always surprising.

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