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The best day riding for years!

Getting ready!

Woke up early this morning and decided to try a new route. A total of just over 200km. The trip consisted of a leg from Paranaque to St Rosa via the SLEX then on to the Petron station at Tagaytay from the to Nasugbo, from there to the Kaybiang Tunnel then Cavite and finaly back to Paranaque using the Skyway.

The weather was great, roads dry and I even put on the leathers because I knew I was going to be riding fast.

Stopped for a coffee and a quick ciggy at the Petron Station. The on to Nasugbo.

Lots of Riders there. Mainly small capacity bikes. A great crowd

Beautiful Views!

On to the tunnel!

The road is fantastic. Up and down hills, corner after corner and very little traffic. I went crazy and rode as if my life depended on it. Had a permanent smile on my face. Just so much fun!

During the whole journey I passed an R6, 5 or 6 Ducati's of various types, 4 Harley's, and a couple of CBR's. He! He!

The guys with the modified silencers give it beans through the tunnel to hear the noise.

After the tunnel there is about another 15k of good roads but then you hit Cavite and the fun stops. Lots of traffic, Jeepneys trying to kill you.

Overall, a fantastic day. I have now found my favorite ride and I will be doing it often.

I did suffer a numb right hand which I have always had riding the ZZR. Because I have rotated the adjusters there is a lot of weight on my palms when riding in traffic. In the UK I had a set of foam grips fitted which fixed the problem. I have finally found a set online so that should sort that.

The other thing I noticed was that when I got home I had a sore neck and inner thighs. I think that was because I was putting much more strain on the muscles than I do commuting. The constant hard acceleration, braking and changes of direction for a long period of time meant i was working hard. NEED MORE OF THIS ROAD!!

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