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Another great day riding

After having such good fun riding last weekend I persuaded my friend Angel to ride to the same place this weekend. I did a toatal of 268km today because I came back via a different route.

Really pushed ZZR today, no chicken strips on the tyres!! Ha! Ha! The bike behaved well however even with the modified suspension it started to complain a little when accelerating hard out of some bends and changing direction. The road is a mixture of corners, uphill and down hill with very little rest. The rear suspension started bouncing and squirming a little. I could stiffen it a little but would then compromise the ride quality at other times. Swings and round abouts as always. To be honest it was being ridden in a fashion that Kawasaki did not envision when they designed it.

One corner caught me out AGAIN. I still do not know the corners well but there is a corner that tightens back on itself and the same as last week it caught me out. Have to try harder.

On the way back a group of riders pulled up and I noticed they were all girls. The call themselves the Philippine Lady Riders.

The Lady Riders

A nice W800. A really nice machine.

An Enfield 500. A popular machine here.

A Yamaha that was riding with the Enfield and W800

Me trying to figure out how I messed up that last corner!

The bikes waiting for us to finish our ciggy break

Not the two most photogenic of people!

A really beautiful place to ride

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