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The ZX 14R is growing on me!

1500km done, that is riding everyday for 30 km on a mix of heavy traffic and open skyway with burst of up to 220kph. It has done more mileage in the last month and a half than in the previous 2 years. Ha! Ha!

It is now fitting like a glove. I rode the ZZR1100 today and was a little shocked at how it felt. In one word "old" which I suppose it is compared to the ZX.

Tomorrow the ZX will go on a longish ride of 250km which includes 60km of the tightest turns, changes in elevation and knee scratching corners in Luzon. Its full leathers time. I will video the trip and post it. Soooo excited that I will not be able to sleep tonight. Ha! Ha!

I have inquired about flashing the ECU from a UK company and also spoke to a local shop about buying a complete a Akrapovic system that should improve the sound.

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