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250km out to the tunnel and back! First time on the bends with the ZX14R

What dam fun! First time trowing the ZX around the bends. What did I learn? The bike wheel spins accelerating out of bends He! He! I need to stop changing gear so often. The immense torque means I do not need to change gear so much as it unsettles the bike as you are preparing to enter the bend. Because I do not know the road I found myself sometimes having to brake deep into the corner and the power of the brakes really stands the bike up.I made a complete cock up on one particular corner. As I was going to push it I was wearing full leathers and boots, I had a small problem changing gear until I found the right position to put my foot as It was the first time with these boots on this bike.

Handles really well, the "chicken strips" were only 2-3 mm after the ride. Not bad for a road I don't know. The bike really inspires confidence. Made a mistake on a couple of corners but always within my safety zone. A great mornings ride.

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