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In praise of small bikes

Kawasaki Fury 125RR I decided to buy a small bike to nip around the local area when picking up dog food etc. Getting the bikes or cars out of their garages etc was time consuming and also the short distances would not allow the engines to warm up. So the first thing was to decide what to buy. The market here provided one with a multitude of choices. Auto, semi auto, manual, scooter, underbone, 100cc, 110,125 and 150. I knew I wanted a manual as I really dont like auto or semi auto so I hit the internet to find something. The RR was was I settled on. Why did I choose this over the others? 1. Its a Kawasaki (Ha! Ha!) 2. I did not need 150cc (some of these things do over 80mph) 3. It looks as cool as a small bike can and I love the colour scheme. So, what have I found out? Its bloody great fun! Really. 45mph feels like 140 on the ZZR. You get the whole vibration thing which just adds to the experience. It handles impeccably. It is so easy to navigate heavy traffic. It goes on forever on a tank of fuel (which is a very small amount). The seating position is a comfortable it is possible to be on a motorcycle (some of the locals do non stop journeys of well over 100 miles on a daily basis on these things. It takes you back to when I first started on motorcycles. Fun, Just pure fun. No worrying about all the things a big bike requires. Just put in the key and start. (It also has a kickstart which really takes me back) I am even contemplation riding with a group of local riders on similar machines for a full day trip. I have also noticed that I see things riding this that I have not noticed when riding the big Ninja's. Things like new buildings, new shops etc that you dont see because on the faster machine you are so focused on the road and other vehicles. A simpler form of riding but, in its own way just as much fun and hugely enjoyable.

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