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When you just know that today was not a good Idea!

After being in the UK for the last two weeks I was keen to get out and ride the ZX on my return to the Philippines. I decided to ride the route that is full of bends and really good fun. Night before, checked everything and was really excited at the prospect of a good 6 hour ride and could not sleep. If only I knew what was in store. Because I was going to be pushing it I decided to wear full leathers. No problem, even in this heat as I would be constantly on the move and would be leaving the house at around 5:30 in the morning and should be back home before the temp and traffic cause issues. Called my friend to meet me at the normal place on his Carbon ZZR. However, on the way to the meeting place I realised I was not riding well. You know what it is like, everything you do is just not right. Coordination, corner entry, gear change etc, all just "not right". If I ever feel like this I always back off and just travel at Busa speeds I was still suffering from jet lag which really hit after 30 mins in the seat. I decided to abandon the testing corner route and just settle for a coffee at the meeting place. I waited and waited, then got a text message to say my friend had run out of petrol( No reserve on the ZZR C models). So off I set to assist. The air temp is rising to the high 30's and and am starting to cook. I arrive and find my friend had got to the petrol station and filled up but the bike would not start( after trying multiple times the battery was beginning to get a little low on charge. What next, oh yes, bump starting would be fun!! There I am, in full leathers, 40c in the sun pushing a dam ZZR 1100 up and down the road. I lost pounds in sweat and the liner of the leathers was soaked. After several hours of trying to start it we managed to get someone to pick it up to take it to his house. By this time I was wrecked! jet lag was really kicking in and I still had a 30 min run back home, or so I thought. Get on to the freeway, traffic jams, heat and frustration rising. All I want is to get home but it was if everything was conspiring to make the journey just about as bad as it could be. At last I arrive home, jet lag in full swing, dehydrated, leathers actually wet with sweat and not a happy chap. I could not get the leathers off as they were stuck to me and had to get the wife to assist in a never ending tug of war. All in all the worst day on the bike I can remember. I guess some days are just not meant to be. PS. I slept for 12 hours straight after a shower. I really underestimated how tired I was and looking back I realised that I had had only about 5 hours sleep in the previous 48

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