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Is the constant chase for power and top speed by manufactures going to end in tears?

I dont believe it is the right way to go. Holland has just reduced its speed limit by 30kph, they are just the start. The requirement for on board electronics that record everything that the driver/rider does and is able to pass that info to agencies is law in two years time in Europe. Volvo cars are all limited to 112mph from 2020. I really believe that the power game is coming to an end. The massive popularity for adventure bikes is an indication that the market is changing but the manufacturers still try to increase the power to levels that 99.9% of the riding population dont use or require. I believe in saying that it is all they can use to differentiate their products. I think that all bikes will be limited to much lower speeds within 5 years and it will not be able to be "got around". Like the end of the 90's when governments threatened to ban sales of bikes of over 100bhp because of the Hayabusa. The manufacturers agreed to a limit of 300kph but firstly the Italians, then BMW and now the Japanese have broken that agreement and I would argue the present political, environmental and societal situation is even worse for riding than it was then. The first time an innocent bystander is killed by someone doing over 180mph on a bike will throw the spotlight on motorcycling and the repercussions will be grave for the way of life we all love. I may sound like a hypocrite in that I have 2 180+mph machines but the truth be told I cant use the top speed of either and unless one is riding on the German Autobahns nor can most people. One is 150hp the other 210+bhp. I ride them at similar speed on the same bit of road and if I look back I was probably doing the same speed on most roads on my 105hp Honda CBX in 1982 (That has the same 1/4 mile time as a 2018 BMW M3!). Sure, I have a couple of times pushed the bike to 180mph but that was years ago and and there was not the same level of technology trying to catch riders as there is now.The pursuit of power and higher top speeds can have no positive outcome. A friend of mine stated that applying logic to what we do would be a mistake, he is right but those outside motorcycling, who make laws will have no such hesitation.

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