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A sad day for the ZZR!

Owing to a thunderstorm and metal expansion joints on the expressway I crashed on the ZZR 1100 3 weeks ago. I suffered a broken collarbone and bruising and the ZZR suffered a fair amount of damage on the front and left hand side.

First accident since 1978 so cant complain too much. Technically the ZZR is a write off but I have spoken to the insurance agent and I will take a lower amount and keep the bike. There are far to many hours and money that has been put into this machine for me to lose it.

So the work begins, I have some of the parts required anyway but the most expensive part is the L/H silencer which, as I am sure you know, is a one piece item complete with the down pipes. It is still sold by Kawasaki and cost approx 1500usd.

I hope to have the bike back to perfection in a few weeks. The other issue is that I have not been able to work on the ZXR 750 due to my injuries. I am very nearly ready to start work again on the bikes.

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