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Corners are everything!

They always say anyone can go fast in a straight line. I don't really agree with that saying. Anyone who has ever ridden over 150mph on a normal road will know that it an intense sensation. The wind noise is extreme, buffeting can be high and it can be scary. Get to 180mph and things become strange and every thing seems to be happening in slow motion. When you start to slow dont to 130mph, it seems like you are going so slow you could get off the bike (not a good idea). It also takes courage and/or no imagination. Corners are different, it takes experience, an understanding of the bikes capabilities, an ability to read the road and the road conditions. It requires confidence but not over confidence. In short, it requires the application of all your riding experience. The payoff, is after a good session around the bends, one is left with a feeling that non bike riders will never experience and a smile that takes hours to leave your face. I love throwing big bikes around bends. I like to show people that these machines can go very quickly when the road gets twisty. They are not just straight line machines. This was a session last weekend. I am still smiling. This six min video is only a short part of the trip. The bends lasted much longer and I continued at the same pace. Boy did I sleep on Sunday night. Hope you enjoy it.

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