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In Tokyo to buy a new Arai helmet!

I needed to get a new Arai as the one I have has seen better days. There are no official dealers in the Philippines so as I am now in Japan for a holiday I thought now would be a good opportunity to get one. I have been looking at the various helmets for weeks and had decided to get the RX-7X in Maze yellow. After they took measurements it was decided that I needed a medium, the same as my last helmet but they only had small size in the helmet I wanted. I was gutted but resigned myself to having a different helmet. When I tried on the right size helmet it was loose. That made me decide to try on the small size helmet I wanted and dam if it did not fit. That goes to show why trying on a helmet before you buy is so very important. I asked them to show me the best way to identify a fake Arai and it was interesting to find out that Asian market Arai's do not have a serial number on the buckle. This is important because in the West Arai's do have a number stamped on the buckle. The way to tell if a helmet is an Asian version is that it will have stickers inside under the lining. The shape of the Asian Arai is a little different due to differences in head shape between Westerners and Asians. That being said, I know many Westerners who wear Asian Arai's and vice versa with no issues at all (me included). Many thanks to the staff at "Ride On" Arai dealership for their patience, help and assistance.Next on to the Kawasaki Museum. :-)

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