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Kawasaki ZXR 750 H1, something a little different.

With the ZZR being a finished item and nothing left to do at all, I was looking for another bike to bring back to life. I spotted a ZXR 750 advertised at a reasonable price and went to have a look at it. It was all original (sort of) and decided to get it. So I am now in a middle of a project to turn this machine into as near original as possible. There are parts available but not to the same extent as the ZZR and once I started stripping the bike I began to realize that this is going to be a a real task. Lots of parts are on order. fairings,tank and side panels are all being resprayed and many other issue being fixed one by one.

The gear linkage was loose and the side stand was held on by 6 large cable ties. Removed the linkage and found it was not seated correctly. Fixed. The side stand was more complicated. Someone has destroyed the thread in the chassis and the bolts were not able to be tightened. I removed the side stand. Drilled out the holes, re-tapped the holes, fitted and insert and cut down some bolts to fit. All done in 2 hours.

What was hidden under the front fairing. Lots of improvised brackets and missing bits.Notice the black glue around the two left hand dials. A huge amount of black rubberized glue because the dials are not stable.

After removing the glue you can see the gap that they tried to fill at the top of the rev counter. After searching for a long time I have found the missing part on the internet. Ordered. Another 2 hours.

The freshly painted side panels and front mudguard. They were in good condition for the age of the bike however the paint was a little faded and there was some damage and cracks around mounting points. All done now.

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