Lockdown Blues

Covid19 is a pain in the backside. It has caused the deaths of thousands and plunged the world into a recession that may take a decade to get over. Of course, during these times the most important thing are peoples lives. My family and I are in a far better situation than most and for that I am grateful. That being said, being in a lockdown can impact people in different ways. For me the inability to ride is having a significant impact on me. As I have said before, riding for me is not a weekend activity, it is not a means to "meet with the guys and have some "men time". For me riding is a massive part of my life. If I cant ride for even a single day I get restless. No matter how bad a day I have had, riding home from work always refreshes me. It allows me to focus on nothing other than the numerous streams of information that your senses feed you. It constantly tests me and fills me with absolute joy. Even heavy traffic. For me riding is my Cathedral where I go to be intouch with myself. It revitalizes me on a daily basis. Other people have the things they love doing, some are able to do them in lockdown, others, like me, are unable to do these things. It will end, in some shape or form. All I am looking forward to is getting on the bike and becoming one with it again.

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