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Seized Fork leg pinch bolt! Pain in the Arse.

So, I decided to replace the fork leg pinch bolts on the ZZR 1100 with nice shiny new ones from ProBolt. 3 of the bolts came out with no effort at all but the last one would not move. No matter what I tried it was stuck solid and as is always the case I eventually rounded off the hex head aperture. Shit. I was left with a bit of a problem. After some feedback from the member of the Kawasaki ZX14R owner group I decided to weld a bolt onto the head of the pinch bolt. 3 times it failed when trying to undo the pinch bolt. The weld did not fail, the bolts sheared!. On the 4th attempt, with the biggest bolt yet it finally came undone. What was supposed to have taken 3 minutes ended up taking 3 days.

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