What end can to fit! Everyone else seems to go for Akrapovič but I have decided differently!

Updated: Jan 31

What end can to fit on your bike is often decided by price, availability or fashion. It has been something I have grappeled with for a while now. I have searched forums around the world and read peoples reviews. Akrapovic seems to be the accepted route if you want to have a 4 into 2 system. It is indeed a quality and attractive product. I heard an Akrapovic fitted ZX14R on my last visit to the UK and was impressed with the sound. In addition there appears to be a small increase in power and ridability with the system fitted (not that the ZX needs it)

However, not wanting to be the same as everyone else I have decided to go with a set from LeoVince. I just think that they look fantastic, have good user reviews, are a little cheaper than the Akrapovics. They are a quality product and cant wait to get them.

Just awsome looks!! (this bike is exactly the same colour as mine)






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